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San Miguel Villa accepts a wide range of health insurance plans. In addition to the information given, all health coverage information is reviewed at the time of admission. If there are any additional questions, please request to speak with our billing department.


The following are commonly accommodated plans:


Medicaid ("Medi-Cal" in California) is generally a long-term insurance provider. For patients who arrive with no secondary insurance source, we offer assistance in establishing Medi-Cal benefits for sustained coverage.

Managed Plans

Our experience Case Management team is able to establish personalized agreements with Managed Care Plans like Kaiser, United Health, and Contra Costa Health Plan. San Miguel Villa is also listed within John Muir Health's Preferred Provider Network, which enables us to accept patients under their managed group.

VA Health

San Miguel Villa proudly is one of the few facilities in the Bay Area that is contracted with the Veteran's Health Administration. We are able to work with the VA for short and long-term care.

Private Pay

If a patient has no insurance plans available, we do accept private payments. This is generally a last resort after all other options have been pursued. These rates are available upon request.

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